Venomous Golden Cobra Snake Rescue From: Balichatripur, Tihidi, Odisha, India

Please watch: "इस नाग के हुंकार से रोकते खड़े होजाएगे।SCARIEST INDIAN COBRA RESCUE EVER:DHAMNAGAR,BHADRAK,ODISHA"

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  • Vox in Tenebris
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    That was really impressive, the way that Mirza was able to control the snake and allow the villagers to see the snake calm down. People started off very afraid, but were fascinated and keen to film the snake by the end. I don't think that I have ever seen a Spectacled Cobra with such a bright, glistening gold colouration to its hood, that was a spectacular snake. Great work again, Mirza. Was it milk in the bowl or was it a residue from washing rice? Apologies, I don't understand the language spoken. I was interested to know which leaf was being used by Mirza if anyone can let me know.

  • Deborah Mitchell
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    Mirza Md, you saved the day once again. People love to see you come to their rescue. Just so many people. They're lucky to have you. Earlier I saw you gather up so many baby cobras and the mother cobra inside the clay houses. God bless you Mirza Md. Stay well and safe. 👍

  • Blade Frost
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    The nominal envenomation from this snake yields 29 to 150 mg of venom that gives between 6 to 24 hours for survival, the proper envenomation yields 150 to 310 mg of venom that kills within 3 to 6 hours and last but not the least the extreme or severe envenomation yield 310 to 610 mg that kills between 1.5 to 3 hours. It's dry bite rate is between 70 to 80%. But most of its envenomation is at severe or extreme level.

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    hi,i am from philippines and i feel amazed everytime i watched your video rescuing snakes..

  • Maria Joelma Oliveira
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    Homem corajoso gosto muito do seu canal só do Brasil

  • priyanka the perfect
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    Lots of thanks si......For spreading awareness among peoples......

  • Sanjukta Bagchi
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    Great job 👍👍 sir safety fast sir God 🙏🙏 blessed u & ur family members also.

  • Mamata Rani Samantaray
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    Your work is very good sir you are saving snakes

  • akshuization
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    That snake was so calm and collective.. really beautiful golden colour.. so mermerising... She or he must be some celebrity snake in snakes world🤣

  • Lucy Aklar
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    Dude really knows how to manipulate and mind controll those cobras

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  • Pamela Adhin
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    Outstanding job.

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    Well done bro, you save million life by giving this info

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    Very wonderful

  • 🇨🇮Bhojpuri nonstop tadka तड़का
    🇨🇮Bhojpuri nonstop tadka तड़का

    God bless you


    Villagers and children standing in bare foot at close proximity of this snake which is very risky , bcs this particular cobra is not like other common cobras rather its a rare and aggressive and faster attacking cobra having combined nature of albino cape cobra as well as chandra naag (monocoled cobra )

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    Mirza bhai thank you very much sneke aur insaan dono ki Jan bachane k liye aap jaise log bahut kam hai apka job dekh kar bahut khusi hoti hai aur entertain bhi hota hai thank you

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    i am always watching your video..please make english subtitle.thank you

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    So amazing

  • Virat kohli Yadav
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    Good job sir🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏