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    how cool! i would love to try this!

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    Bit where do I get a pod?

  • Sheeftala
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    Her: Your supposed to ferment the seeds for 7 days. Her: It’s been 7 days since I fermented the cacao seeds. Doesn’t that mean it’s been 14 days?

  • Melissa Timothy
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    Is coco not cacao

  • Nikki Thompson
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    In Jamaica we eat the fruit too it's very delicious then we set the seed out to dry until it dried out . Roast it then make then in chocolate balls .. we use it to make real chocolate tea too by boiling it with nutmeg coconut milk n a pinch of salt sweeten to taste very delicious.. also we call it chocolate (in the pod n out lol) never knew it's called cacao pod. Each day u live u learn

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    OMG, this is my first time watching real “home made chocolate “

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    There is a fucking dead lobster in there!!! 😖

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    AMAZING 🤩‼️‼️‼️‼️

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    tamsak en watched mga vdeos sis

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    That sure dose loosing very yummy to the tummies Thanks for sharing ur recipe 🥰🥰🥰

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    single mom?

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    Sumpah dong baru tau caranya 😭

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    I have cacao in my small ISLAND YAP MICRONESIAN FSM 🇫🇲

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    Just wondering how bad did it smell. It did not look very appetizing when you gagged lololol

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    Mas gusto ko yung gumagawa ng chocolate

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    It coco

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    Your proudest moment is making people believe that it's true. Cacao nips? Lol 😂 And a mere processor can't make the seeds that fine. 😂

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    Definitely trying this with honey 🍯

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    But Ghana 🇬🇭 chocolate is sweet than this .

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    Did somebody else notice her shoulder in the beginning vs end? 🧐🤔🤪😜

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    Cacau é brasileiro !

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    Unsurprisingly, the yeild is low.

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    Yummy 🤤

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    Yeah, I’ll just go to Speedway and get a Hershey’s bar.

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    Ang laki naman yan lods

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    The best 🤗

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    MESSAGE TO EVERYONE: You are fearfully and wonderfully made! If no one has told you today, you are IMMENSELY loved by God❤️! Have a blessed day!

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    That’s so cool!

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    If It wasn't for the coconut oil..

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    ... hahahahahahaha 🙄

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    Wtf is cacaw?! Cocoa is just Co-co

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    This is Fake!

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    شنو هذا

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    I’m never eating chocolate again!! Charlie and the chocolate factory was all a lie!!!!! 😂😂😂

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    We pronounce it coa coa in trinidad

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    Me belike : am I gonna do this... I mean yeah I hv the coco trees in my yard and the milk is easy to get but... I'm too lazy so juz buy em at grocery

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    omg thats so good

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    👏🏽😍 ok

  • Laura Courtney
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    Sooo, the purpose of fermentation is to break down an outer shell to get at the ...I think you called them "nads"? Are they similar to chocolate chips in texture?

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    It's relatively easy, it's just time consuming/a labor of love.

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    This is how chocolate is made? That shit look nasty

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    Looks delicious 😋

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    Nice outfit, not reabilling like others!

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    I accualy learn how to make chocolate when i am 8 years old and this is the same way that my teacher did

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    How do you even find a cacao pod, that in itself is impressive to me

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    She is genius !

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    I wanna make my own chocolate so badly

  • Kat K
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    While I don't believe you actually made the chocolate you snapped from the mold using the method you describe, even if you had, it wouldn't be chocolate. Real chocolate requires cocoa butter, not coconut oil. That cocoa nib coconut oil puree you made likely didn't taste good on top of not setting like you suggest it did.

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    They eat everything

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    Pensei que só tinha cacau no Brasil

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    Add some cannabutter and it would be even better. 🤪

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    I would love to at least once make chocolate from scratch like this, but one of the things I despise most in this world besides ants(I have a phobia ok don't laugh😅) is *maggots!!* Omg ewww I got chills just by thinking of them creepy crawlers. And the inside cacao seeds remind me of them and there's NOOOO way in hell I'm feeling that with my hand and have them squish between my fingers. Omg ahhhh *mental image!!* 🤢🤢

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    I thought something living came out the cacaopot

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    Where did you get the seeds?

  • Do you know I was born on my birthday??
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    Does it taste like chocolate 🍫

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    А тараканов там не нашлось???? Как это в какао они гнёздышко свои имеют???

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    I could be wrong but aren’t you supposed to use a non metal bowl to ferment the seeds

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    Awesome. We had a farm of this and we would suck up those seeds till till before drying it off and selling

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    Chocolate 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

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    So good 😍

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    You don't eat the cacao 🥲 before fermenting it?

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    But it has no taste if there's no sugar added

  • ꧁calite꧂
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    Coconut oil is the worst oil you could use...

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    Thats so Awesome!!!I I've always wondered how cool it would be to able to make your own homade chocolate from cocoa(kukow) seeds!!

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    Love it ❤️

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    Wow I love it

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    The name of the channel??😂vs this video

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    Nooooo. That was nasty lol

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    Yummy I really want to try this

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    Ma'am ima need some continuity here please. Cuz you said chocolate and at the end said dark chocolate. So is it dark chocolate or regular chocolate? I want to know before I I try and make my own lol

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    Is coconut oil must ?

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    I thought its called Cocoa.. Pronounce as 'Coco'

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    Your so beautiful

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    But why did you blow on it?

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    they looked so gross coming out

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    Bravo! Great job👍

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    CacaO from the Philippines chocolate,cocua,butter

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    Yummy 😋

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    I rember drying the coco pods in the sun for weeks.. beating them with a wooden stick in wooden bowl or hours as hard as I could then rolled it into coco balls to freeze then grate it into bowling water to make hot chocolate tea. Just add milk.

  • Sario Lianmea
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    How come the cacao came black. Then after that why it melted how come? Can I see the whole process mam?

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    Wooow, it is really pio chocoo ❤️ love it ❤️

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    where on this earth do people pronounce cocoa as ko-cow and not coco ?? just wondering, im from the west so yeah and btw its pop not soda and NEVER sodapop

  • Josslyn Andrews

    Josslyn Andrews

    3 أيام قبل

    no dissrespect fam i just wanna know. BUT it is pop

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    I’m not sure if this puts me off chocolate or makes me want chocolate

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    So chocolates basically a fruit

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    That’s DISGUSTING bro! It looked like an alien coming out of the egg

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    Coklat asli rasanya pait, yg manis itu senyuman mu hehehe

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    Filipinos be like: 👀

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    dark chocolate 😍😭🔥

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