कैमरे में कैद नाग नागिन का ये अनोखा मिलन आप के होश उड़ाडेगा,दुर्लव नजारा।Rare Cobra mating captured

Very Rare Monocled Cobra mating captured in camera at midnight,later rescued: Bhadrak, Odisha
The monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia) is a highly venomous snake species native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. These dangerous and potentially deadly snakes can be found in China, India, Vietnam, Nepal, and Cambodia, but also Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.The species is also commonly referred to as the Monocellate cobra or Thai cobra and belongs to the family Elapidae.
The monocled cobra gets it common name from the O-shaped, or monocellate hood pattern present on the rear of its hood. It's distinct to that of the Indian cobra or spectacled cobra which has a "spectacle" pattern, formed by the two circular ocelli connected by a curved line.
Monocled cobras are medium-sized and heavy-bodied snakes with elongated cervical ribs that expand to form the typical hood when they feel threatened.​ Usually, these cobras prefer to flee, but if threatened they will raise their body, spread their hood and hiss loudly, and will eventually strike and bite to defend themselves.
Their highly toxic venom is considered one of the fastest acting snake venoms in the world and can cause death in just an hour after envenomation. Contrary to the Indian Cobra (N. naja) monocled cobras can deliver a bite in the very first attack making it even more dangerous.
Their bite causes localized swelling at the bite area but also the progressive paralysis of the nervous system which may lead respiratory paralysis and death due to asphyxia. The monocled cobra bite may also lead to tissue necrosis requiring surgical intervention.
They have a pair of fixed anterior fangs, that may reach more than 6mm, and are somewhat adapted for spitting.

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  • Debbie Watkins
    Debbie Watkins

    Watching this video ! Seeing these snakes look at each other & seeing how dangerous your snake rescues are ! Be safe & God bless you Mirza ! Love the work you do ! Saving snakes ! Your awesome & loved video & Peace out ✌️🙏🙏👍🇩🇪🇺🇸☘️🌺🏵️❤️💚💙💐💕🐍🐍

  • mario guzzi
    mario guzzi

    Mirza you are the king of cool snake rescuer no one rescues like you mirza god bless you brother jai hind jai bharat 🙏 stay safe and your camera man.Raj 🙏

  • You all think you know
    You all think you know

    Love is in the air tonight. Great video!! The fierce Monocled Cobra very large! Please be safe as always.

  • Waldemar Korkuś
    Waldemar Korkuś

    Thanks, my friend, for showing this act of procreating these two cobras.🙏 By the way, what wonderful shots of this pair of snakes in love.👍 It looked like an appointment for a photo session. 🙂 Respect, Rajah.🙏👍🤝 Mirza, as always, was a very interesting comment and discussion with these people.👍 I understand their fear and concerns for their children. Thanks guys for a great job.🙏🤝👍 God bless you - always.🙂💓

  • Kamala Vedanthan
    Kamala Vedanthan

    Beautiful looking snakes. Thanks for your hard work to protect nature.

  • Francis Santos
    Francis Santosأيام قبل

    Thank you for giving us a very good look at these beautiful animals.

  • Sebastien Robert
    Sebastien Robert

    Amazing like usual with two monocled cobra very dangerous and big 🙏🙏Thx sir Mirza 🙏🙏

  • Dibas Roy
    Dibas Roy

    Amazing Rescue Mirza Sir

  • Sashi Menon
    Sashi Menon

    Very risky rescue done. Remarkable.

  • Виталий Смолков
    Виталий Смолков

    These cobras are very beautiful

  • Akula Venkata Madhu Prasad
    Akula Venkata Madhu Prasad

    excellent 👌

  • anjum mahmood
    anjum mahmood28 أيام قبل

    An excellent job. Please be very very careful. God be with you and protect you amen

  • Leslie DSouza
    Leslie DSouza

    Mirza Ji, Seems one cobra is monocled. Other hood pattern is mix of monocle & spectacle?

  • Ratnakar Das
    Ratnakar Das

    La jabab Mirza ji , u r a hero in real life 🙏

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    Mdm rapeah Haji baba

    Waalaikumsallam ,may Allah swt make your job easy for you and your team Aamiin.

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    Denise Ost

    Bonjour Mirza et toutes et tous, j ' etais absente quelques jours , et me revoilà pour te suivre dans tes recherches et sauvetage d ' animaux , amitié 🐞

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    Rana Hamidsab.

    Waleykum Aslam Bhai

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    Ananth Babu

    Great job Sir

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    Great Video Thanks 😊