$100,000 Jeep Flooded In The River

So I got a call a call for a $100,000 Jeep flooded and totaled in the river.

This is a link to Rory’s channel

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Matt's Off Road Recovery
    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Here is a link to Rory‘s AReye channel.

  • recoveryteam

    WOW, that must have been when I was up recovering at the rock crawl. I would have loved to be there in person just to watch. PS Great gesture at the end Matt, You are a good inspiration to all!

  • Chase Morgan
    Chase Morgan

    This is probably the most feel good channel on AReye, good people, slick rigs and a lot of positive energy

  • GrilledSteez

    Such an awesome thing, I love seeing kindness being spread! Much respect and mad love. Dig what you guys do!! Stay rad y'all

  • Joe Pieczynski
    Joe Pieczynski

    Anybody else wonder how all the people got out of this jeep and appear to be mud free and dry?

  • macklandtube

    Your genuine-ness shows Matt. That's why we keep watchin.

  • Patriot1

    I’m floored by this channel and your generosity and the high level content you all put out every day - thank you for doing what you do ❤️

  • Honest Outlaw
    Honest Outlaw

    Most channels wouldve made a whole episode about the donation for that internet clout. This guy does a 2 minute blurb as he casually gives a food bank 20K. I love it.

  • Lance Voorhees
    Lance Voorhees21 أيام قبل

    Great crew, amazing recoveries, I’m learning a lot about running around 4 wheel drive roads! On the airplane recovery, when Lizzie walked out to make an appointment, that was cool, it reminded me of all the times I’ve walked hunting chukars in high desert! The vastness and solitude of the desert, and the beauty of looking a hundred miles from a mountain top in every direction! I like quads the best, and have owned many four wheel drives! You guys make you realize the limitations and the need for being prepared! 👍😀

  • hossblur1

    Came to laugh at the swimming jeep. Ended with a tear. And having a tiny blip at the end doing a great thing, and not making it a big deal, or whole episode, IS WHAT CLASS LOOKS LIKE!!

  • Cliff Cross
    Cliff Cross14 أيام قبل

    That was an Amazing recovery. Love your team, and everyone's attitude.

  • Freddy Flazh
    Freddy Flazh

    Just when I think I couldn't possibly admire Matt anymore, this happens!!! Shout out to all your family and the many families you have just helped out!!! Dinner dinner turkey dinner!!!!

  • Mr. Freeman
    Mr. Freeman

    Seriously though that was a beautiful gesture at the end. Great content as usual. Americans all over should aspire to be more like you, Matt.

  • Jason Hamula
    Jason Hamula

    What a surprise at the end. That Matt didn’t post anything about the generous gesture at the end in the title of this video tells you what a humble and genuine person he and his crew are. What a great guy.

  • TheFinalApproach

    Thankful for a group like Matt’s Off-road Recovery, and others like them that make a difference. I hope everyone has a great holiday season this year. Good vibes only!

  • MW Farms
    MW Farms

    You guys are incredible! Matt you've been blessed with a remarkable crew and you give back. God bless your whole family. Love you guys!

  • phillip dean
    phillip dean

    Great recovery, and an even greater donation to a worthy cause. Well done Matt & Co! 🇦🇺🍺🍺

  • Eric Whittaker
    Eric Whittaker

    It's been fun to watch this channel grow over the last 2 years! Your content is great! Wholesome, fun, entertaining and creative! Thank you!

  • Richard Asbell
    Richard Asbell

    You guys are just awesome. I pray the floodgates of Gods blessing open on the entire crew at MOOR. Keep up the great work.

  • TreachourusJdogg

    The people at the Food Pantry sure are invested. The looks on their faces and excitement in their voices was like someone just gave them personally 20k. That is so awesome. They know just how much that is going to mean to the people that need it. Got me over here tearing up.