Building a Gooseneck Trailer From Scratch

I try my hand at building a Gooseneck trailer from raw steel and components.

Premium parts kit:
Budget parts kit:
Johnson Trailer Parts:

Plasma cutter stencils:
Comfortable, DURABLE welding gloves:
My favorite multiprocess welding machine:
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Canon EOS R6 camera:
SmallRig camera cage:
Sennheiser Wireless Mic System:

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  • watajob

    Having a trailer that is spec'd. EXACTLY the way you want and as strong as the Golden Gate bridge: ~$10K

  • GamingPredator

    A full 50 minute minute video of custom building a gooseneck from scratch, and a person i really like doing it. Amazing video as always Waldo!

  • C Green
    C Green

    You're gonna have a million+ subs within a year if you keep pumping out content like this. Great editing, good camera angles, really well thought out.

  • derherr65

    "This trailer will enable me to annoy my spouse for years to come by bringing home more projects than I can handle."

  • electrontube

    I love how this dude seems so genuine. He's doing stuff with his hands, thinking about it, being safe and planning.

  • Joe Aubert
    Joe Aubert7 ساعات قبل

    My dad built a 28' with hydraulic beaver tail 25 years ago. His gussets at 26 minutes are at 45° also, they just started to crack. Many trailers are built at closer to 30° reaching down closer to the deck.

  • eltigreandthewalrus

    My grandpa started a welding shop that he eventually turned into a trailer manufacturing company where they started building custom gooseneck trailers and campers. Everything they made was so heavy duty and high quality, eventually someone offered him a lot of money for the company, and bought him out. But he always taught me how important it was to over build and make quality vs quantity. And because of that is why people trusted and wanted their trailers. Good job on the build, it really took my back and was very nostalgic.

  • zetros

    I have already watched 20 minutes of some dude building his own trailer for shits and giggles but it felt like 5 minutes. Good stuff.

  • Juan Rodrigo Ramirez
    Juan Rodrigo Ramirez

    This has been my favorite video of the whole channel hands down, love al the fab content and long videos are great love to see the quality and effort you put into this

  • 3-1-7x

    Great work, nice seeing someone build just what they want and having it turn out awesome. Curious what Milwaukee corded saw it is that you’re using to cut sheets/plate with? It looks like a workhorse. Can’t wait to see part 2, thank you.

  • KerryOnAnon

    Great build!!! Loved watching this video and can't wait to see how it gets finished!!! Wonderful camera work and great editing! I cannot imagine how much extra work it is to do all the actual work and film it at the same time but you do an amazing job!

  • J boone
    J boone

    Watched the whole thing! This is one of my dreams and on my 5 yr goal list. I'm very inspired /enlightened / jealous. Nice job, fab work and nice cinematography. 100% subbed! This was better than extreme trucks or gears! 👏

  • Apache Chase Roadrunner
    Apache Chase Roadrunner28 أيام قبل

    I've never owned a trailer but from what I've seen you do it came out fantastic 👏

  • Ryan Purtteman
    Ryan Purtteman21 أيام قبل

    Great work! I have the same welder it’s an amazing machine!

  • TheyCallMeBriiaan

    Great video!

  • Ian Spice
    Ian Spice

    Great project. I considered doing the same vs going with a used one. Still might build one later but I like what you did here!

  • ZCVD 123
    ZCVD 123

    Awesome job man! I built one myself about 15 years ago, almost identical. It's hard for people to believe I built it in my gravel driveway. People assume it's factory but even the oak on the deck was DIY from the woods to saw mill.

  • An Individual
    An Individual

    Looks good. I've been wanting to do a similar project myself, I just have been debating how I want to do the dovetail. Thanks for the ideas.

  • trent deemer
    trent deemer

    Waldo you’re one heck of a fabricator! Awesome job on this! Keep up the good work!

  • 1978grizz

    When making a bunch of small part for a project, use a stop (c-clamp, or extended fence with a stop) will provide more consistent results than measuring each piece