New Goonzquad Garage Office Update!!! This Place Looks Like A Legit Store!

This is turning out epic! We are finally moving onto the next most important part of the building process at the new goonzquad garage. We are super excited to schedule everything in so we can get settled in here very soon. We are super happy with how everything is turning out and here soon well have all the builds stored inside. Also we got a few other epic add on to the shop, stay tuned for all that! Thanks for watching!!!


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  • Robert Finck
    Robert Finck

    Dont forget to ventillate the garage extremely well for fumes and for dust. The system we have at work captures the fumes and has a fan running constantly venting it to the outside like an industrial sized hood vent over a stove. Some gasses are heavier than air and need to be vented at floor level.

  • Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson

    The shop is looking amazing but as a few have said, while it’s still in its early stages, get a very good security system, cameras and all. Doing the floor like at the new HQ is important and a couple lifts, definitely your own paint booth, no more waiting in availability or cleaning up after other people. Frame machine maybe but definitely a tire machine. But again, looking great guys 👍

  • Trae Gilbert
    Trae Gilbert

    When you guys get the garage done, y’all should rebuild pop’s semi. That would be awesome

  • Brad Wilson
    Brad Wilson

    Would highly recommend doing some kind of floor treatment at the new garage. Protect the concrete, make for easy cleanup, and give the place a really clean look. Imagine the headquarters epoxy floor y'all did in that massive shop.

  • Gregorious Anomalous
    Gregorious Anomalous

    Alright Boyz, I'm going to put my white helmet back on for the first time since 2004 and talk about Fire Safety and prevention. At this point in your construction, you and Pops need to decide whether or not to go with a sprinkler system, or extinguishers, unless the building codes mandate a sprinkler system for auto/truck repair facilities or storage of flammable materials. Find out where, not only the closest Fire Department is, but also the closest Hydrant. If no hydrant is close by or you are in an Unincorporated area and you have to dig a well to supply the building. Look into a Stand pipe for the Fire Department to hook up to for a water source. That will help with your property insurance rates. Right before you move in, ask your Fire Department to come and do a Pre-plan so that in the event of the worst, the First-in will have all the information on the building, what chemicals are stored, contact info, instructions for saving the Viper first, followed by the Lambo, etc. It's all about priorities!

  • Slava Shifchik
    Slava Shifchik

    Just to mention, guys, i am sure you missed important part while door installation. I would cover the wood beam on the concrete with at least joist tape even if it’s pressure treated and moreover, seal it with roofing or flashing cement or some kind of silicone. The way you did it - be ready for water from under the door while raining weather. Talk to professional installers for proper sealing.

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones

    you guys might want to consider putting in either a roll down door or sliding door to go in front of your door to protect everything in your garage and keep people from breaking the glass and getting in

  • Paul Bianco
    Paul Bianco

    I would like to see a loft with stairs built, so you have a place to store incoming parts or extra stock.

  • George Hoy
    George Hoy

    Also consider installing perimeter bollards to prevent "Drive-in" access

  • Charles Hurry
    Charles Hurry

    Your new shop will definitely need a fully stocked kitchen for your mothers amazing creations.

  • Game Dev Alien
    Game Dev Alien

    I want to see more construction content! Loved to see working on your house and workshop.

  • Brian Gardner
    Brian Gardner

    If it were my shop I'd definitely do some quality lifts and epoxy floors. Hard lines for air. Lots of outlets. Paint booth. SECURITY CAMERAS!!! Security lighting. As far as the jeep... I think a cool overland or "zombie apocalypse" style build would be a fun build. Snorkle kit a definite need. Maybe a nice horse power gain to hit the steeper trails or running from the undead! Lol

  • David Kehaya
    David Kehaya

    Minimum things you should have in the shop.

  • cesar ortiz
    cesar ortiz

    Seal the floor at the end, that would be one of those final touches that will give a super clean look!, amazing job guys!

  • Dark

    The shop is looking great, but as others have mentioned, get a good security system, cameras and all, while it's still in the early stages. Doing the floor like at the new HQ is important, as is a couple lifts, and definitely your own paint booth, no more waiting for availability or cleaning up after other people. Frame machine maybe, but definitely a tire machine. But again, looking great guys.

  • Shy's Garage
    Shy's Garage

    First and foremost, needs a 12 ft tall security privacy fence around the entire property with electric gates. Then at the back of the property, a giant covered area to park all of the builds out of the weather, plus storage. Then on the inside, definitely 2 lifts, tire machine and balancer, paint booth and a area with a electric winch for pulling motors out. Definitely need to install a exhaust fan in the building. LED lighting throughout the whole shop and outside. A good air compressor system throughout. A good workbench area. And finally, a top notch security system with cameras, sirens lighting for the entire property. Good luck and can't wait to see it completely finished...

  • BigBoi 6
    BigBoi 6

    Hard work is paying off boys. Keep on keeping on. God bless

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton

    Excited to see more of the shop and absolutely love the cherokee I miss my old ones. Amazed on how much the price for cherokees have jumped in just 2 years. All your videos are amazing enjoy seeing em all 🤘

  • thumperusa

    If you’re going to have the framers in tomorrow I would recommend that you have them build a set of stairs off the office and use the top of the office as storage it always needed good place to put car parts.

  • Maxr Gagne
    Maxr Gagne

    I love everything you do guys keep doing what you do its amazing ,the shop is coming together nicely you guys are awesome !