A Sakada Story

A Sakada Story
A Sakada Story introduces us to Cipriano Erice, who immigrated to Hawaii in 1946 to work for the Waialua Sugar Plantation. Starting off by cutting grass and hauling cane, Mr. Erice rose to the highest position in trade as a Journeyman - and sent all of his children to college, proudly giving them the education he never had. [subtitled]
Director: Maribel Apuya
Duration: 9:25 min Production date: April 2015
Cast: Cipriano Erice, Randall Erice, Marina Erice, and Delphine Otineru
Musicians: Noah Campbell and Corey Fujimoto

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  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    What a good “home brew” documentary about Filipinos in Hawaii and made me appreciate them more and the philippines is a good country and the people are friendly and have that charm. The sakadas paved the way for the new generation

  • Teresita Gonzaga
    Teresita Gonzaga

    Great history how the oldies Filipinos success of their life. Mabuhay Manong may you all live a longer to let us know more of your journey.

  • karlos _infamous
    karlos _infamous

    i'm Filipino from the Philippines, also of Ilocano ancestry and I like his Filipino accent 😁 "pader" (father) "pild" (field) "lab" (love) "porty" (forty). So happy for him and his family that they were able to lead good lives in Hawaii. But for me, I am already happy and content in my life in the Philippines with my own people, my own language, my own culture and my own identity. I don't want to become a minority or immigrant that needs to assimilate to the majority culture.

  • Lorena Andres
    Lorena Andres

    my father was a Sakada worker in Hawaii, he left the Philippines when he was 27, that was 1930's

  • Harry Miram
    Harry Miram

    Went to school w/Cipriano's kids. His story was part of growing up here...

  • かい-林恩

    They spelt my name wrong... its spelt BrookeLynn-

  • William Lagasca
    William Lagasca

    Diak maawatan 🤣🤣