1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

(March 29, 2010) Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky gave the opening lecture of the course entitled Human Behavioral Biology and explains the basic premise of the course and how he aims to avoid categorical thinking.
Stanford University
Stanford Department of Biology
Stanford University Channel on AReye

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  • Jesus Quiroz
    Jesus Quirozسنوات قبل

    Lectures hit different when you’re not pressured by grades.

  • aletter1718

    honestly, Its crazy how much easier information is retained when you voluntarily seek it. When i was in school i would have never listened to this and would have been dying to get out of there. Now that i have the ability to learn on my own time I retain and look for information on a much higher level. Incredible.

  • nickacelvn

    I would turn up for every single one of Robert Sapolskys lectures. The guy is the definition of an engaging educator.

  • B. W.
    B. W.


  • An Onymous
    An Onymous

    This would have to be the most appreciative comments section I have seen anywhere. Proof that most of us thirst for real knowledge because we are unsatiated by the daily sources of "knowledge". This professor nailed his role. Articulate, intelligent and witty while having an appearance that invites your attention. Best thing I have seen on AReye to date, solely for the good it passed on to so many people.

  • Kaitlyn Kregel
    Kaitlyn Kregel

    This professor is wonderful, I’ve been in a lot of lectures and the way he immediately captured my attention, held it, injected humor, and made me like him- was fantastic. Intro to human behavior indeed.

  • Erica Blanco
    Erica Blancoسنوات قبل

    The fact that we can access this lecture without having to attend Stanford is mind-blowing. What a time to be alive!

  • Morally Gray
    Morally Gray

    I'm literally in middle school yet I'm able to follow this to an extent, really makes it obvious that this professor's great at his job

  • Miriszs

    I love the way he teaches. He really understands that humor makes a huge impact on retention, if it's entertaining aswell as educational you will always remember it better and be more interested and excited to learn, giving passion. Like the teacher in " the dead poet's society" starring robbin Williams💞💞💞 "oh captain my captain" I am loving all of this and I wish I could go to college or university, would be a dream come true. I absolutely LOVE learning and teachers like him are a big part of why❤❤❤

  • Sabrina ibas
    Sabrina ibas

    I really hope that Professor Sapolsky knows how many people all over the world he captures through the screen with his amazing ability to teach 🙌

  • Ingrid Rodrigues
    Ingrid Rodrigues

    I'm so grateful for living in an era where this kind of content is available like this. I'm from Brazil and I wouldn't be able to listen to this amazing classes if Stanford and professor Sapolsky weren't so kind to make it available online. Thank you.

  • Jin Park
    Jin Park

    If I had the honor of being a student of Dr. Sapolsky, I would have been an enternity student, not because I would fail the subjects, but because I would want to listen to him for the rest of my life and absorb just an ounce of all the knowledge he has!

  • New Age
    New Ageسنوات قبل

    This lecture is an example of how you are drawn to certain subjects in school solely because of the way it was taught. One can develop interest in any discipline just by learning from the good teachers. God bless you for making these lectures publicly available.

  • Carlota Nathalie Riès
    Carlota Nathalie Riès

    All i wanted was to understand myself and my behaviors. Got into the most interesting part of youtube so far! Thankyou Stanford and this incredible Professor! If i had, had Professors like these I would never have stopped my studies! These lectures will officially become my night- time podcasts. So interesting! Feeling really lucky! To me this Life changing. Forever greatful!

  • Jake Hautakorva
    Jake Hautakorva

    As a Finn, I feel I need to clarify this. Finns do differentiate between B and P in our language, but we are in general somewhat notorious of our poor pronounciation of English, which might have been the culprit between the pear -> bear confusion :D

  • curmudgeon

    This is an absolutely amazing lecture because he doesn't just dive into the subject. He outlines the way to approach it without thinking in boxes. Its a refresher for scientific and critical thinking abilities. Designed to help unravel a very complex and challenging subject. I think I'm going to be spending some quality hours here with the Dr. One of his lectures on KoKo the gorilla brought me to this playlist.

  • Inquisitor Crashdive007
    Inquisitor Crashdive007

    This is the best and most engaging first class of a coarse I have ever seen. Well done sir.

  • chinmay chandraunshuh
    chinmay chandraunshuh

    i am so grateful that this piece of gem is available on the internet for free! i was attracted to click on this video because of the sheer amount of views it had, I thought," what could be so great about this video?" now while watching this I realised that it is quite insightful and informative piece which is presented beautifully! Thanks Stanford for uploading this great lecture by Mr. Sapolsky.

  • uwucatxd
    uwucatxdسنوات قبل

    i've completed the full cycle of procrastination, going so far into the depths of not doing homework that i end up taking a stanford intro class on youtube

  • Fran

    It's been a while since I've been in a class. But I think I've never been so hyped for the next session. This teacher really makes you interested about this subject, being a biochemist I love this matter but I think everyone can get into it just by watching this video