Exploring A Private Honey Hole junkyard for a potential revival! (BEHIND THE SCENES)

This video will self destruct 10/31/21 and no longer exist! Follow me behind the scenes as we look for a potential revival in a honey hole of classic cars and trucks in Idaho!
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  • Spike Allen
    Spike Allen

    I personally think that every good garage should have their own tow truck, and that Dodge with the Holmes 440 boom on it would be a great addition to the fleet. Use it to tow the New Yorker home.

  • Relevant16

    Honestly I think it would be cool to try and work on that Edsel. I’ve never seen one before so I think it would be cool to get that running and driving. That or maybe a charger

  • Chris Nigh
    Chris Nigh

    I think that TOWTRUCK would be an amaZING addition to the garage. A feller never has too many utility vehicles!

  • javahedz

    64 New Yorker absolutely!! That’s a well optioned car, and such a beauty.

  • Mike Markel
    Mike Markel

    I love it when Derek says "I've gotta get outta here, I'm getting dizzy" He looks like he wants to make a project out of every car in the yard. That's so awesome. I think whichever one you get will be just perfect. Love watching your channel. New subscriber and I love what you do.

  • Bearded Scrapper
    Bearded Scrapper

    Man. I would be overwhelmed walking this yard. So many awesome vehicles.

  • lantz86

    Definitely got to snag that Edsel. Those cars are getting more rare every day, and it's a 2 door... Bring the thunder!

  • online170

    Honestly, a guy could watch you walk through and talk about them old rigs as an episode. The knowledge drops are cool, the barn finds are cool, and the quick walkthroughs and weeding out the duds is cool. Like a mini episodes condensed into one.

  • Tubbs

    +1 for the Edsel. I need to get into that place, would probably end up having a seizure and becoming part of the inventory. Haven't seen that many old cars in my life, let alone in one place. The rust belt is a cruel place to live.

  • Doug Kellner
    Doug Kellner

    I vote Edsel! Lets make it happen! A guy just needs to see it run.

  • Pixel Spy
    Pixel Spy

    I mean you seemed genuinely excited about that Edsel, I'd say have a go at that one.

  • Willy Nelson
    Willy Nelson21 أيام قبل

    Honestly I’m addicted to this show now !! I love the humor and catchy references. And the shop work in the cars is great !!!!!!

  • Slade

    The Edsel and the New Yorker are my top picks, looks to be a lot of potential in those cars.

  • Chris I
    Chris I

    That Edsel is worth having as a going to town rig if you do the work to it. It's amazing.

  • J. Skinski
    J. Skinski

    Get the Edsel running!!! They are really cool cars that were way ahead of their time!!

  • David Evans
    David Evans

    Thank these guys for this enormous collection of what could easily have been transformed into new Hondas or Chinese aircraft carriers. Wow. An absolutely amazing place and even more amazing people who run it.

  • MrTowLego

    I would love to see that old tow truck live again and even that 5 window. So many great cars to choose from!

  • kasmanien

    That New Yorker would be an easy pick and would be awesome to see it back on the road!

  • althazarr

    The Edsel, New Yorker, and Tow Truck would be my picks. I'd love to see you revive any of them out there though.

  • Justin Coe
    Justin Coe

    The dodge tow truck needs to become part of the fleet!