भारत का सबसे जहरीला करैत साप को मामूली समझ देखे परिवार ने क्या किया।Deadly Common Krait hidden wall

Very Venomous Common Krait snake rescued from crack in wall of house: Bhadrak, Odisha
The Common Krait (Bungarus caeruleus) is a highly venomous snake species found in the Indian subcontinent. These snakes are found almost all over Peninsular India but not in the offshore Islands. Most often these type of snakes is found near water sources. But they are also found around inhabited areas and urban settlements, sometimes even entering human dwellings during the night. That's one of the reasons this member of the "big four" is responsible for most of the snake bites on humans in India.
The Common Krait is an exclusively nocturnal species being active only from late evening to the early morning. During the day they are generally quite docile, shy and unaggressive snakes, but during the night they become very active and alert and much more aggressive.
When a Common Krait forms this "ball" usually during the day it may allow considerable handling, however, if over handled it may eventually bite. But at night they will hiss loudly and will more readily bite.
This infamous venomous snake is not only a member of the famous "Big Four" snakes of India, it has the most potent snake venom amongst them, regarded as one of the most toxic in the world. They are responsible for the majority of snake bites on humans in India.
Although they are somewhat reluctant to bite, when they do, the common Krait typically holds on to the victim for a while. This enables them to inject considerable amounts of their highly toxic venom into the victim.
Normally the bite victims complain of severe abdominal cramps, tightening of the facial muscles and inability to see or talk combined with progressive paralysis. Death occurs due to asphyxia through respiratory failure.
An untreated Common Krait bite has a mortality rate of 70 to 80%, and death can occur in as little as 4 to 5 hours after the bite. These nocturnal snakes are active at night and are seldom encountered by humans during the day so most bite incidents occur at night.
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