The story of two burgers and one burger patty 😜


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    Fakir misiniz

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    Asrtyuivsi so ,fddm,🏃👿😅😆😁😄

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    cho hai nguoi ma chu nay cu cho môt nguoi

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    Why is she making one patty all the time🥱🥱🥱🥱

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    Sweet mother

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    Auuu so sweet

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    She could just cut it half but no, she gave it all to her husband! So cute!💕

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    Cam on vo chu

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    Öldüm gülməkdən

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    امي احبج اموت عليج ماكو واحد احسن منج الله يحفضج يبعد گلبي

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    Beautiful 💖



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    Soooooooooooooooo kind

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    Jajajaja me dio risa la cara del señor

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    So sweet of her

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    So much cheese for what

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    My respect for thanos is increasing day by day .

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    Beautiful couple and funny

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    Fasao mais

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    Your two are making burger every day

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    dame hamburguesa sin tomate

    Stephanie PANDOZI BEIRUTTI18 أيام قبل

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    women are goddesses and deserve the rest. ladies, know your worth and that you’re beautiful. boys, learn.

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    Jenial me encanta como es re buena 👏

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    Okey so this channel constantly shows how the man wants himself to be treated like a king, and that's absolutely disgusting...

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    I agree tho it's all fake lol

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    You’re overthinking it.

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    partiria o hamburguer no meio

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    Sabe partir no meio não é?

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    Hamburguesas nomas comen??

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    Noooo ustedes les quieren copiar