$15,000 Kitchen Island

This wood slab kitchen island was one of my biggest woodworking projects to date. It was also my first kitchen island/woo countertop project! Made from a single piece of locally salvaged Black Walnut and the voids filled with jet black epoxy resin. This slab started out at nine feet long and over five feet wide. Rough cut by me and the final shape was precision cut by a CNC. I even decided to deliver this one personally and help with the installation. Let me know if you have any questions about the build!

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Unloading Problems
2:28 Mixing and Pouring Epoxy
3:46 Table Top Epoxy For The Top
5:13 Rough Cutting To Size With Tracksaw
5:45 How I Flatten My Tables
6:29 CNC Cutting Slab To Shape
7:53 Medium Bad Idea
8:34 Inlaying C-Channel
11:00 Client Response...
12:07 Touching Up Pits With Epoxy
14:45 How I Finish My Tables
16:48 Delivery Day

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Items used in this video:
C-channels: conceptthirteen.ca?ref=btjrt2...
Angle grinder: amzn.to/3pu2iXZ
Aggressive wire wheel: amzn.to/3jUNYqk
Festool Track Saw: www.festoolusa.com/products/s...
Liquid glass epoxy (deep/slow): amzn.to/3s6GROb
Table top epoxy (touch-ups/fast): amzn.to/3asufLq
CA glue: amzn.to/3tiiKNu
Kutzall ball nose burr: amzn.to/3s0iGAG
Mold caulk: amzn.to/3k5KukY
Mold release: amzn.to/2Znle01
Black dye: amzn.to/3s2BIXv
Paddle mixer (small): amzn.to/2NyR8Eb
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Threaded inserts (amazon alternative): amzn.to/3k2pift
Festool Router: amzn.to/3cUeHBf
Roundover bit: amzn.to/3uwTwv0
Cheaper router alternative: amzn.to/37jeC7d
Carbide scraper: amzn.to/3pyAwJQ
Light stick: amzn.to/2Znj7JA
Mesh sandpaper: amzn.to/3ptVj1k
Table finish: amzn.to/3bBBz6J
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Photography light (similar): amzn.to/2RjiMqp
Countersink: amzn.to/3k50ROE
White buffing pads: amzn.to/3u85vzV
Maroon pads: amzn.to/2Ng1YyX
Furniture bolts: amzn.to/2NdDAOg

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  • alcamerc99

    Genius! Way out of my league, though. This is like when you see a beautiful girl on the street, adorable, a figure to die for and you ask yourself, what are my chances? None, obviously. Same here. You have to be an artist to turn this level of craftsmanship out. Hey, I can do a wooden box! Seriously, this is a great video. I like the calm demeanor of the narrator (creator)

  • SpectroliteAAA

    Don't ever stop your commentary! I love it and I find it very interesting and very informative! :D plus it can be really fun! :D I love it!

  • Alan Themudo
    Alan Themudo14 أيام قبل

    This looks amazing. We had wooden countertops in our first house and swore to never do it again. They look amazing, but too "fragile" -- is that the right word? Nice video!

  • Leigh Pritchett
    Leigh Pritchett14 أيام قبل

    Would definitely have a wood island. Grandmother’s house is still standing after 80 years and still has the wooden island where she rolled all of her biscuits for her large family.

  • Evan Krosney
    Evan Krosney14 أيام قبل

    I installed wood countertops and love them. Would definitely do it again. The best part is you can give them a light sanding and oiling and they look brand new!

  • skynomad1
    skynomad114 أيام قبل

    Would. I'm a newcomer to your channel without ever contemplating doing any woodwork myself I am fascinated by your craft. Also love your delivery. Many an influencer could learn from you. Particularly love your endorsement strategy straightforward and transparent. Hope you are setting a trend. Thank you

  • scott tillotson
    scott tillotson14 أيام قبل

    Personally, I love wood. I'm always so amazed by your skill. From a countertop to an island, I would love to do one in purple heart or zebra. But until they can come up with something that is bowling ball proof. Designer heat plates. As in heat resistant glass with an attractive wood molding that can be placed on the island. Personally I like to hear what you have to say, very informative. It's like going to school with a personal tutor. I have to make a resin table for my sister's new house I'm a little bit anxious. I have always worked with wood and resin but not in the commercial way nor with the two of them together. So I'll be watching your videos a lot.

  • Andrew Vaughan
    Andrew Vaughan

    Would not wood. But I love that other people would wood, so that I get to watch your craftsmanship.

  • smilingfool1960
    smilingfool1960أيام قبل

    Cam, I absolutely adore the look and feel of wood. However, when I built my island I went with Corian because a) it's fallen out of favour so it was relatively inexpensive, and b) It was relatively light and durable. It has the same heat resistance issues, but I've been able to use a bamboo cutting board as a trivet, and all I have to do is keep it oiled so It can live through the frequent washing, and the counter has weathered quite well. This Island with the built-in stove/range was truly beautiful. I hope to keep seeing more of these videos. I know I will be experimenting with the epoxy you use. Thanks again.

  • Scyths1
    Scyths1أيام قبل

    Wood, I think it generally looks beautiful, but I also really love granite. The only reason I'd pick wood is because I'm always scared of breaking the granite if I drop something too hard on it, and I don't have any problems like that with wood.

  • Jay Slater
    Jay Slaterأيام قبل

    Absolutely beautiful! I'd do the wood, especially in a beautiful wood cabin, or log home. Great job!

  • Sue Stabb
    Sue Stabb7 ساعات قبل

    Beautiful work! And I love the commentary. And for the record, I would love wooden counter tops.

  • salina
    salinaأيام قبل

    Would totally love to have this be professionally made for me😍 I love wood work

  • BYOT

    Your clients comment on “wait is that my table?” Would have freaked me out to bud haha!

  • Chris Gardhouse
    Chris Gardhouse4 ساعات قبل

    That is gorgeous!! I have a friend that has wood counters in her kitchen and they still look good after 20 + years. And

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro2 ساعات قبل

    I am too much of a roughneck for a wood island top, that being said it turned out absolutely beautiful. your work is amazing!

  • Dani G1990
    Dani G199012 ساعات قبل

    Would love a wooden countertop, especially with epoxy in it. I love the wood and epoxy look.

  • SubLuna
    SubLuna14 أيام قبل

    That is just beautiful work. I don't mind you talking, I appreciate being able to understand the process. And I do have a oak countertop in fact. It's quite easy to manage, we gave it a good soak in cold-pressed flax-seed oil from the health care shop before we installed it and now I only oil it up once a year to keep that shine. I bake a lot so we wanted to make sure there were only edible substances on that slate.

  • Jacqui Taylor
    Jacqui Taylor4 ساعات قبل

    Wood! Definitely wood! That is by far one of the most amazing countertops as ever seen, and don’t ever stop your way of commentary! That’s one of the main reasons why I stuck around and watch the entire video. The more information you give the more I want to stay. I’m actually in the process of having my first custom piece done. So, I’ve started looking for videos to watch to know what the process would be like. Now I’m addicted!

  • albert fartknock
    albert fartknock

    I would not get a wood countertop, only because I would be terrified of leaving a ring, dent or stain! You created an absolute work of art, and the process was fascinating. Keep doing what you do!