ZHC Sent Me to Art School... *expelled?*


  • Preston
    Preston3 أشهر قبل

    Who had the most handsome art? Subscribe and let me know! 🎨🖼️🔥

  • Cayden Wernecke

    Cayden Wernecke

    16 أيام قبل

    You did Preston 100%

  • ♡︎sᴍᴀʟʟ ᴛᴇᴀ♡︎

    ♡︎sᴍᴀʟʟ ᴛᴇᴀ♡︎

    29 أيام قبل


  • General Fullerton

    General Fullerton

    أشهر قبل


  • Jonathan's World

    Jonathan's World

    أشهر قبل

    Preston :)

  • ☆M o n s t e r™
    ☆M o n s t e r™ساعات قبل

    The first drawing you did of your self with muscular arms was the best 👍💯

  • blep :p
    blep :p3 ساعات قبل

    This is proof zack is a simp for Michelle

  • Cymon CODM
    Cymon CODM11 ساعات قبل

    15:10 nice view😮

    ROVI VIENNA DELA ROSA12 ساعات قبل

    Fun fact: The Sprinkle Art On Zachs Channel Was Also On Apr 24 But It Was Late To Put On The Channel Cause On The Sprinkle Video Viv Had A Creeper Costume And If You Look Close Viv HAS The Creeper Costume When Michelle And Bri Got Zapped And That Is Why Michelle Wasnt In The Sprinkle Challenge :) Hope That Helped :)

  • `Nighttime Roxy`
    `Nighttime Roxy`أيام قبل

    everyone had a great art i cant say I subed and liked and hit the bell means done done done

  • `Nighttime Roxy`
    `Nighttime Roxy`أيام قبل

    also preston pushed bri at 17:56

  • `Nighttime Roxy`
    `Nighttime Roxy`أيام قبل

    preston pushed brianna at 15:56

  • `Nighttime Roxy`
    `Nighttime Roxy`أيام قبل

    look at michelle laughing at 17:49

  • Lilo Broadhurst
    Lilo Broadhurst2 أيام قبل

    I love zhc

    ERICA CHIONG JIA YEE Moe2 أيام قبل

    ZHC is my biggest fan 🤩😍😆😆😄😁

  • Muhammad Daud
    Muhammad Daud2 أيام قبل

    Zach is mean

  • Jay Diamond Sonic
    Jay Diamond Sonic3 أيام قبل

    That's the sprinkle video in the background

  • unicorn girl gamer
    unicorn girl gamer3 أيام قبل

    AReyer was colour blind thankful to Jesus Christ he did not had it anymore 😃😃😃😃😃

  • Parnian Yaghobi
    Parnian Yaghobi3 أيام قبل


  • GsGkgamerz
    GsGkgamerz4 أيام قبل

    Zhc is awesome in art

  • Quynh nguyen
    Quynh nguyen4 أيام قبل

    Poor ZHC Preston was being mean to him not him being mean

  • Allan Gabilino
    Allan Gabilino4 أيام قبل

    Did preston just called zack/zach daddy/dad?!?!

  • adeeb punch
    adeeb punch4 أيام قبل

    I can write without seeing this comment is write without seeing EDIT:pro member of Preston

  • Vicente Cortez
    Vicente Cortez4 أيام قبل


  • Vicente Cortez
    Vicente Cortez4 أيام قبل

    Hi not🎨🖌️

  • Vicente Cortez
    Vicente Cortez4 أيام قبل


  • Vicente Cortez
    Vicente Cortez4 أيام قبل

    Es que no me gusta 😂 hija

  • Nazyha Basri
    Nazyha Basri5 أيام قبل


  • Kristian Lindén
    Kristian Lindén5 أيام قبل


  • Peyton Coray-Jones
    Peyton Coray-Jones5 أيام قبل

    i think preston

  • Sara Zajkowska
    Sara Zajkowska6 أيام قبل

    Not jack i mean ben and macenzie

  • Sara Zajkowska
    Sara Zajkowska6 أيام قبل

    I saw viv jaz jake and izzy doing the springuls challeng

  • ShadowSword75
    ShadowSword756 أيام قبل

    Who was the person in the back with the creeper costume

  • Samra Ali
    Samra Ali6 أيام قبل

    Sorry preston🔥🥺🥺🥺

  • Secrets of the pets!!
    Secrets of the pets!!6 أيام قبل


  • Hamnah Zafar
    Hamnah Zafar6 أيام قبل


  • Nyla Shaikh
    Nyla Shaikh6 أيام قبل

    Zac at the background Viv was like I’m glad I’m not in that video

  • Mackenzie Gunn
    Mackenzie Gunn6 أيام قبل

    Preston: am I giving birth out of my arm Me:hahahaha

  • Marco Tan Yi Shen
    Marco Tan Yi Shen6 أيام قبل

    your art is bad

  • Swerha R
    Swerha R7 أيام قبل

    I love your t-shirt

  • Aiden Palliveettil
    Aiden Palliveettil7 أيام قبل

    Preston Preston Preston Preston Preston Preston Preston

  • Patrick Louis Eribal
    Patrick Louis Eribal7 أيام قبل

    Zhc bro preston is bad at art bro!!!!!

  • gary mitten
    gary mitten7 أيام قبل


  • gary mitten
    gary mitten7 أيام قبل


  • Chloe The Crazy One
    Chloe The Crazy One8 أيام قبل

    She is filming a video in the background 🤣🤣

  • Jana Rizmanoska
    Jana Rizmanoska8 أيام قبل

    you are awsome

  • ghjnbhyt
    ghjnbhyt8 أيام قبل

    i know you were filming a difrent vidoe i saw it in the back ground LOL

  • Satsya Thou
    Satsya Thou8 أيام قبل

    I seen when the first video I saw 4 person was challenged art or else Idk too but I saw they was doing video AReye so...zhc was doing two video that day :) wow

  • •Łūcîdgåming123•
    •Łūcîdgåming123•8 أيام قبل

    Collab with another video from yo channel 😂💅✌️

  • Kloey Harmon
    Kloey Harmon8 أيام قبل

    I just watched the sprinkle video with your Zachs little sister

  • Jerry Yang
    Jerry Yang9 أيام قبل


  • Cathy Vo
    Cathy Vo9 أيام قبل

    I always feel like its ZHC's channel {\__/} ( × • ×) / > < /

  • Hoa Vu
    Hoa Vu9 أيام قبل

    I want to destroy ZHC for destroying u but i want i want to make him in the toleit for 1 hour so he can get punish for destroying u….

  • Kristel Holt
    Kristel Holt9 أيام قبل


  • kiley mcglauchlen
    kiley mcglauchlen10 أيام قبل

    You are the best AReye or in the world

  • The Drifter
    The Drifter10 أيام قبل


  • joanna regala
    joanna regala10 أيام قبل


  • Selever phase 2 / corrupted selever
    Selever phase 2 / corrupted selever10 أيام قبل


  • galaxy girl
    galaxy girl10 أيام قبل

    that is very painful I feel pity for that

  • Kevin Gregory
    Kevin Gregory10 أيام قبل

    Preston 3rd drawing so far best but got a f hes picking on Preston

  • Dwi Romiyanti
    Dwi Romiyanti11 أيام قبل

    Zhc is cheating

  • Bilal recitation of Quran
    Bilal recitation of Quran11 أيام قبل


  • Gabriel Petre
    Gabriel Petre11 أيام قبل

    Zhc:you are wearing a glasses

  • Jansed Sabado
    Jansed Sabado11 أيام قبل

    I loved how preston went crazy so many times😂😂

  • Danielle Salvati
    Danielle Salvati11 أيام قبل

    I can see and I wached the sprinkle art video befor this and Preston and bro are wareing the same outfit

  • Danielle Salvati
    Danielle Salvati11 أيام قبل

    You were filming this well you friends were filming the sprinkle art video

    PIU MUKHERJEE12 أيام قبل

    Preston is not even close to know how to draw what the heck.

  • Melissa Whitlock
    Melissa Whitlock12 أيام قبل

    Cool Preston

  • Itz_ BAKABlue
    Itz_ BAKABlue12 أيام قبل

    There making a video behind

  • Jacque Woolery
    Jacque Woolery13 أيام قبل

    Preston you should play Friday night funkin

  • DAblazinGamer
    DAblazinGamer13 أيام قبل

    zhc is shooting behind like if you saw the vid and in the backgroung it the sprinkle vid

  • Danny
    Danny13 أيام قبل


  • imagei
    imagei13 أيام قبل

    Bri yours was a 6 -10

  • ꧁𝓲𝓽ɀꪑꫀꪖꪶꫀ᥊ꪖ꧂
    ꧁𝓲𝓽ɀꪑꫀꪖꪶꫀ᥊ꪖ꧂13 أيام قبل

    Do more tomorrow

  • TBNRfire P.
    TBNRfire P.13 أيام قبل

    Preston if u hear this I really want u to go to Canby MN 102 east view rd

  • Sheila Kovach
    Sheila Kovach13 أيام قبل

    You preston

  • gfht dsgfe
    gfht dsgfe14 أيام قبل

    The omniscient guitar customarily coach because shake enzymatically suit in a shocking tie. malicious, adhesive flax

  • shivank very weird
    shivank very weird14 أيام قبل


  • Rafal Wiaczek
    Rafal Wiaczek14 أيام قبل

    I think yeah

  • Rafal Wiaczek
    Rafal Wiaczek14 أيام قبل

    Is that unfair

  • Kids CHANNEL
    Kids CHANNEL14 أيام قبل

    Bri you did a pretty nice gradient. Preston: *eats paint*

  • Rainbow Plays
    Rainbow Plays14 أيام قبل

    Only As and Fs where other letters?

  • CD Playz
    CD Playz15 أيام قبل

    Ay Preston did u call Zach daddy at the bracelet part

  • Sue Eng
    Sue Eng15 أيام قبل

    Lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Sue Eng
    Sue Eng15 أيام قبل

    Zac is better than you

  • li paggie
    li paggie15 أيام قبل

    I like Michelle

  • ʟᴏᴀᴅɪɴɢ...
    ʟᴏᴀᴅɪɴɢ...15 أيام قبل

    I wish I had a house of art like zhc

  • Elena Chavez
    Elena Chavez15 أيام قبل

    I’m sorry but Idk who’s ZHC I’m sorry 😞

  • Clay Horstman
    Clay Horstman16 أيام قبل

    Preston you are such an inspiration, bless you and bless the lord

  • William Childers
    William Childers16 أيام قبل

    Yep ZHC is talented and I think Michelle and Bree

  • Daphne and Mr. Fox
    Daphne and Mr. Fox16 أيام قبل

    3:12 The background😂

  • ɢʜᴏsᴛ  ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍ              メ
    ɢʜᴏsᴛ ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍ メ17 أيام قبل


  • Ananya kapoor
    Ananya kapoor17 أيام قبل


  • Umair Khan
    Umair Khan17 أيام قبل

    13:37 13:38 13:39 lol

  • Karl's Energy Drink
    Karl's Energy Drink17 أيام قبل

    Preston summoned a whole fandom with his turtle. (12:01)

  • Frankie I am
    Frankie I am17 أيام قبل

    LOL 13:51

  • Levi Ackermann
    Levi Ackermann17 أيام قبل


  • Levi Ackermann
    Levi Ackermann17 أيام قبل


  • Abraham Putra Mangan
    Abraham Putra Mangan17 أيام قبل

    i saw the other video behind you

  • Megan Vertucci
    Megan Vertucci17 أيام قبل

    They're filming a ZHC crafts vid

  • Lilac
    Lilac17 أيام قبل

    filming the sprinkels vid in the backround

  • James_PlayzYT
    James_PlayzYT17 أيام قبل

    Girls minds *Glad I’m not in that video* Me: But you’re in the video.. Girl: *Keep quiet you monster*

  • 𝐹𝑟𝑜𝑔𝑔𝑦 𝑃𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑟
    𝐹𝑟𝑜𝑔𝑔𝑦 𝑃𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑟17 أيام قبل

    Actually a Octogon is called that because in the Language Greek Octo Repheres to Οκτώ ( Octo ) Which in Greek is 8, and as we know a Octogon has 8 sides!

  • PlutoGaming
    PlutoGaming17 أيام قبل

    What does the birth sim feel like? Is it just like a zap?