अहिराज:जहरीले सांपो को खाने में माहिर, शिकार के चक्कर में फसा जाल में।Big Banded Krait caught in net

Highly Venomous Banded Krait caught in fishnet rescued from village: Bhadrak, Odisha
The Banded krait is a large highly venomous snake found on the Indian Subcontinent and in Southeast Asia. This snake is easily identified by its alternate black and yellow crossbands, its triangular body cross-section, and the marked vertebral ridge consisting of enlarged vertebral shields along its body. The head is broad and depressed. The eyes are black. It has arrowhead-like yellow markings on its otherwise black head and has yellow lips, lores, chin, and throat.
Banded kraits are shy, not typically seen, and lead a solitary life. They are mainly nocturnal. During the day, these snakes lie up in grass, pits, or drains. They are most commonly seen in the rains. Banded kraits are lethargic and sluggish even under provocation. When harassed, they will usually hide their heads under their coils, and do not generally attempt to bite, though at night they are much more active and widely considered to be more dangerous then.
Banded kraits are carnivores and feed mainly on other snakes such as Sunbeam snake, Rainbow water snake, Red-tailed pipe snake, Indo-Chinese rat snake, Cat snake, and others. However, they may also eat fish, frogs, skinks, and snake eggs.
धारीदार करैत (Bungarus fasciatus) भारत, बांग्लादेश एवं दक्षिणपूर्व एशिया में पाया जाने वाला विषधर साँप है। यह एक जहरीला सांप है, जो विषहीन सांपों का भक्षण कर उनकी संख्या को नियंत्रित रखते हुए जैव विविधता में महत्वपूर्ण योगदान देता है।
जहर की तीव्रता के मामले में करैत नंबर एक पर है क्योकि इसकी मात्र 2.5 मिलीग्राम मात्रा मनुष्य मारने के लिए पर्याप्त जबकि कोबरा का घातक डोज 12 मिलीग्राम है!
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  • Waldemar Korkuś
    Waldemar Korkuś

    Again the fishing net and the snake trapped in it again. Great, poisonous, slayer of other snakes, but completely defenseless in this situation. 🙄 But again good people came and called you, my friend. 👍 In your hands, this banded krait looked and acted like some kind of domestic pet. 😁 Extremely. Thanks for this action, Mirza.🙏🤝👍🙂💓

  • Debbie Watkins
    Debbie Watkins

    Sadly another poor animal stuck in fish netting a beautiful banded krait ! Super glad you came to it's rescue & saved it ! I love snakes & all reptiles ! God always bless you mirza you are super kind person ! Absolutely love & watch every video ! I know that banded kraits are very venomous ! They are here for a reason ! Peace out ✌️🙏🙏👍💙💚❤️💛🍀🌺🌸💐🇺🇸🇩🇪💕💐🐍🐍

  • Danny Osolo
    Danny Osolo

    Much respect and admiration for you Mirza Sir ..for you not only rescue these snakes but educate the masses as well!!!!

  • Ranjan Pradhan
    Ranjan Pradhan

    Thank you Mirza sir save nature save wildlife namaskar

  • Phillip Wasson
    Phillip Wasson

    Amazing animal! Not only a stunningly beautiful animal but probably one of the most placid,

  • Denise Ost
    Denise Ost

    Bonjour Mirza et toutes et tous, il est bien pris au piège ce serpent , ouf il est délivré, tu as de la patience Mirza et l ' amour des animaux est en toi , amitié 🐞

  • Slobodan Vuksanović
    Slobodan Vuksanović

    Nice krait, bravo Mirza from Serbia!

  • V A
    V A

    That banded krait trapped in the net in the beginning is so calm and relaxed, as if she knows she will be rescued.

  • pratibodh acharya
    pratibodh acharya

    Big size banded krait Sir,Thank u for rescuing. God bless u.

  • Yie

    Good job Sir Mirza 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • ian bennett
    ian bennett

    Lovely markings. Great rescue. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • KiCa

    😳Largest Banded Krait I've ever seen😳 look at the size of those venom glads......holy smoke!!!

  • Katherine Gilmour
    Katherine Gilmour

    "Good 🌄 Morning Dr. Mirza 🌞! I'm glad & sad both when you say "in this society people have lost their humanity. That's sadly true 😢 ..

  • Ananth Babu
    Ananth Babu

    Great job Sir 🙏🙏🙏

  • Trafficsnitch

    Well done Sir. What a magnificent creature

  • mario guzzi
    mario guzzi

    Super super mizra bhai always so so cool rescuing these dangerous animals may god bless you and your team always jai hind jai bharat 🙏🙏

  • victor johnson
    victor johnson

    Great Save Thanks 😊

  • Kashif Kites & Patangbazzi
    Kashif Kites & Patangbazzi

    Wow mirza Saab nice job for holding that silent killer with ease in your hands. Hats off to you sir also sir I'm still waiting for the video of where you store these snakes after catching them jzk

  • prakash bisoyi
    prakash bisoyi

    Great job sir Ji jay hind jay bharat

  • youtuber youtuber
    youtuber youtuber

    Mirza Bhai Allah aapko salamat rakhe