FINISH THE LYRICS!!! w/ @NathanDavisJr

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  • 𝑙𝑢𝑥𝑥🤍

    wait- are we not going to talk about how perfectly he did beat it-

  • callmehpat

    They’re the type of family to start singing at a funeral.

  • Nicola Latty
    Nicola Latty

    The fact that he almost sound like Michael Jackson 👏👏👏👏👏🙌😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😱😱

  • NevFN

    He’s smart by choosing a mathematical equation as a song they would never have guessed!💀

  • Elena M
    Elena M

    I can’t ignore the fact that he actually sounds like Michael Jackson

  • °Sünfløwer°

    Bro the dude in the blue shirt has such an amazing voice!

  • DylanThePoop

    The collaboration we didn't know we needed

  • FestiveAri

    So we’re not Gona talk about Nathans voice is amazing.

  • Galaxy Mermaid
    Galaxy Mermaid

    Are we not gonna talk about how he actually sounded like Michael Jackson on the "Just beat it"

  • Shannel Pinkney Respess
    Shannel Pinkney Respess

    It would have been hilarious if Dad had got the lyrics right. Then everyone was stuck

  • Slugs

    The lyric for the last song:

  • ITZ_Lisa🦋

    I love how he was so confident he could do it ✨😂🥰

  • CaptainFourmis

    Time traveler : kicks rock

  • Michaeljackson_kingofallthings

    Boi how did they not know Beat it. It’s literally one of the most famous songs ever.

  • meow plvff
    meow plvff

    okay but is no one gonna talk abt how they sing so great-

  • Peytin Castellanos
    Peytin Castellanos

    Beat It made me SUPER HAPPY. I'm Michael Jackson's BIGGEST FAN EVER

  • IIsxmply-🖤

    There all so talented and brilliant I wish they would show they voice to everyone not just tick tock and AReye 😍 (: xx

  • •Ava •
    •Ava •

    I’m so happy beat it was in here!

  • Niyyah Benson
    Niyyah Benson

    He over here talking about go Best friend The rest of the lyrics is it’s gonna be a long day if you clock to clock

  • Saubrn The dragon
    Saubrn The dragon

    yo when he sang beat it! That was 🔥