आधी रात घर में इतने बड़े आकार के नाग देख पूरे परिवार में दहशत,जबरजस्त।Scariest Cobra ever rescued

Very big and strong Cobra rescued from house at night: Bhadrak, Odisha
1-कुछ लोग एक खास तरह के पत्थर का इस्तेमाल करते हैं जिसे सांप पत्थर कहा जाता है। इससे कोई फायदा नहीं होता।
2-आहत व्यक्ति को दिलासा दिलाएं और घटना के तथ्य पता करें।
3-गीले कपडेसे डंक की जगहकी चमडी पोछ ले, लेकिन दवाऍ नही। पोछनेसे सांप का वहॉं पडा विष निकाला जाएगा।
4-घायलको करवटपर सुलाएँ, जिससे उलटी हो तब भी श्वसन-तंत्र में न चली जाएँ।
5-पैर या हाथपर जहॉं डंक हो एक खपच्ची बांध दें ताकि उसका हिलना डुलना बंद हो जाए। इससे उस भाग में संचरण कमद हो जाता है।
6-शरीर का उंचवाला अंग हृदयकी अपेक्षा नीचे के स्तर पर रखे इससे विष संचरणमें आनेसे बचाव होगा।
7-अगर काटने में ज़हर हो तो उसके लक्षणों की भी जॉंच करें। अक्सर जिस सांप ने काटा है वो नुकसान रहित होता है।
8-टूर्निके का इस्तेमाल नहीं करें। इससे पैर में से काटे हुए स्थान से खून निकल सकता है और इससे पैर काला भी पड़ सकता है (कोथ)।
9-काटी हुई जगह पर कट न लगाएं। दबा कर ज़हर निकालने के लिए पहले ऐसा किया जाता था। यह तरीका काम तो करता नहीं है पर इससे काटे हुए स्थान पर संक्रमण होने की संभावना ज़रूर बढ़ जाती है।
10-जिस व्यक्ति को सांप ने काटा है उसे तुरंत अस्पताल पहुँचाएं।
The Indian cobra is a medium sized, heavy bodied snake, with most adult specimens ranging from 3 to 5 ft (1-1,5 m) in length. Although occasionally some very large individuals, notably those found in SriLanka, grow to more than 7 ft
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  • Debbie Watkins
    Debbie Watkins

    This Kobra is puffing herself up ! I can see her whole body puffing up & down ! Super glad you rescued her ! Very great video 👍 And God always protect you mirza & bless you also ! Peace out ✌️🙏🙏👍💙💚❤️💛🍀🌺🌸💐🇺🇸🇩🇪💕💐🐍🐍

  • Donna Wentz
    Donna Wentz

    Wow! He came out of his hiding spot spitting fire 🔥. And growling! So glad you rescued him for the family’s safety. Much respect ✊

  • Rajesh Aggarwal
    Rajesh Aggarwal

    God Bless You Always Sir for helping families when venomous snakes come into their houses… I admire you the way you remove the snakes from their houses and their living spaces… I also respect you for saving snakes from getting killed by people because they just want them gone from their living spaces…

  • pratibodh acharya
    pratibodh acharya

    Mirza Bhai, Big size spectacle cobra.Ur rescue technique & courage is excellent. God bless u & ur family.With LOVE & RESPECT fromBARGARH ODISHA.Thanks for saving d cobra.

  • Waldemar Korkuś
    Waldemar Korkuś

    This large and high-hooded cobra put up a decisive resistance against going into the sack. I think that the snake felt extremely safe in this big house, behind so many gates, bars, bolts and countless padlocks 😁(is it so dangerous in Bhadrak that people use such amounts of security? Forgive the digression.😉) But people felt threatened. 🙁 From the gestures and facial expressions, I guessed that this old man, probably grandfather, had noticed the cobra. 👍 Bravo - but we, grandparents, are indispensable in every family and in every place in the world. And let's stick to it. 😁 Today in my homeland, Poland, we are celebrating Children's Day. Children get gifts - that's a custom. On this occasion, I wish all children in Bhadrak, Odisha state and all over India safe and peaceful nights and days, safe and away from poisonous snakes.👍 Happy and carefree childhood !!! 🙂💓 Thanks, Mirza for this action.🙏🤝👍 Hope you can find a moment to sleep as you have been operating on "night shift" lately. Be well, mate.🙂💓

  • Denise Ost
    Denise Ost

    Bonjour Mirza et toutes et tous, c ' est dommage que je ne te comprenne pas , ce n est pas grave je suis fidèle à tes vidéos, oh la la la respiration de ce cobra est impressionnante il est fier debout comme ça, merci , amitié 🐞

  • Sebastien Robert
    Sebastien Robert

    Great rescue with a incredible dangerous and very smart spectacled cobra 🐍

  • Katherine Gilmour
    Katherine Gilmour

    Good Morning 🌞 Morning Dr. 🌄 Mirza! That's one cobra snake 🐍 that's made itself right @ home...😳

  • mario guzzi
    mario guzzi

    Excellent rescue Mirza bro the king .of cool gods blessings 👊💥🔥🇮🇳hari 🕉

  • Ananth Babu
    Ananth Babu

    God bless you Sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Danny Osolo
    Danny Osolo

    Nice work Mirzaji!! Ur fan from Africa

  • Mustafa Mi
    Mustafa Mi21 أيام قبل

    Well done again Mirza👍👍

  • V A
    V A

    The way he is hissing and striking at Mirzaji. It seems snake doesn't want to be rescued.

  • Snake Rescue Squad
    Snake Rescue Squad

    Great rescue ❤😊

  • gloria aguilar
    gloria aguilar

    GOOD EVENING MR.MIRZA. 😍keep safe ALWAYS. 🙏🙏

  • Mamta Priyadarshi
    Mamta Priyadarshi

    Great rescue Mirza sir salute to Mirza sir

  • Laura James
    Laura James

    Great rescue


    Great job.,🙏

  • Karen White
    Karen White

    brother Mirza you take much risks by sitting down in front of the cobra, please to take more care that you do not get bitten. we appreciate your education about the snakes very much. God Bless you and stay safe brother Mirza Bhai.

  • You all think you know
    You all think you know

    Definitely wicked mad 😠 😡 please be safe and keep your message,going about keeping houses clean and if bitten go right away to a hospital not to a witch doctor. Be safe as always.