Why you should never steal a parking spot

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  • Wevonox

    He's not a jerk because he sacrifice his exit to give room for that other driver to park, tight but still.

  • Grant Beason
    Grant Beason

    I’m so confused why this person is a jerk for pulling into a spot, there were 2 cars, and 2 spots

  • H DB
    H DB

    The moment foolio starts playing ya know it's gonna be a crap setup

  • Kyle Oien
    Kyle Oien

    He can go through the back. It's a hatch back, so he's good

  • definetly may be
    definetly may be

    Так если что, в таком случае можно открыть багажник, тем более машина позволяет попасть из багажника в салон

  • 8756 bili
    8756 bili

    The real question is why do people own such giagant SUVs just for themselves.

  • sniper

    Когда парковочное место на вес золота. Как в центре Москвы блин.

  • tenefia dowridge
    tenefia dowridge

    He's kicking the car but the pain is backfireing on his foot.

  • SpeedHomeAttack

    Yeah, you really taught them a lesson by having to enter your own car through the roof now Bravo...


    This is way better than many anti-theft technologies available..... 😅


    So we just gonna pretend that she couldn't slightly alter her steering to go into the other spot?

  • Kitty Haart
    Kitty Haart

    I love how he kicks her car like he's not the asshole here! Lol

  • lucy [YT]
    lucy [YT]

    You just gotta appreciate the editing done by an 8 year old

  • Jhon jauder Agudelo victoria
    Jhon jauder Agudelo victoria

    Fantástica ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • kathyjoey2000

    Everyone is missing the point of the video it was realistically only enough space for one car to comfortably park and do what normal people do open both car doors. But the guy in the other car was trying to bypass the lady already attempting to pull into the spot and backed in so tight his only exit was the passenger door. He thought he was slick and the female driver decided to be petty and block the entrance to his car and get out the sunroof. It's a matter of you reap what you sow, two can play the petty game. If you can't comfortably open either door to get in and out of the car then it's definitely not 2 parking spots just one. They should have drawn yellow lines to more clearly mark the spaces. These two could probably be siblings because both play the game the same. And the jerk is kicking the car because he recognizes Karma for what it is. He has only himself to blame. He's a Karen and he just played himself.

  • nicholas singh
    nicholas singh

    In hindsight. Their is enough space for two cars just not 2 big cars like the ones in the video. And also I think the lady would have been able to get out if she forward Parked instead of reverse parked.

  • Sergio Grajeda
    Sergio Grajeda

    That's badass 😍

  • manuel di maio
    manuel di maio

    I could never do this, then they give me damage at the counter

  • Mestiza Tagalog eatery vlogs
    Mestiza Tagalog eatery vlogs

    So, he just walk away with the sun roof open? Brilliant.