I’ve Never Seen A Big Rig THIS Stuck (Dangerous And Difficult Recovery)

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  • HeavyDSparks

    Get $50 off your Kamikoto Knife order by using promo code HeavyDSparks here

  • Matthew

    I think it's about time HeavyD and Matt's Off-Road Recovery meet up to rescue something crazy from some ridiculous mountain spot.

  • Grind Hard Plumbing Co
    Grind Hard Plumbing Co

    That is impressively stuck!

  • rangi tui
    rangi tui

    Best feeling while watching these is , everyone is happy and making jokes , irreplaceable workplace , manyother peoples jobs are sour and nasty , not this one , cheers guys , you are the best.

  • RB3

    Looks like a mess, but also so much fun. I am beginning to really love heavy equipment more than I ever thought

  • william Mastrolia
    william Mastrolia

    Awesome job guys. 😎 Time after time, heavyD sparks, Diesel Dave , and your crew pull off another recovery. I believe the time to complete the recovery was 7 hours; 40 minutes.

  • Lord Frazer Irwin
    Lord Frazer Irwin

    As a former driver of agricultural vehicles, looking at that stuck semi makes me wonder why they loaded it so high, knowing the ground to be soft.

  • GuyOnABuffalo23

    Remember several weeks ago when they all laughed at Dave for the gigantic equipment he ordered for recovering stuff? Perfect time to need it and not have it. Good job on the recovery you guys!

  • Ricky Bovee
    Ricky Bovee

    Five hours and thirty two minutes. Another brilliant recovery. Great work!

  • Pest Control Guys
    Pest Control Guys

    Love the recovery stuff that you guys are starting to do. Keep it up!

  • Rick Hay
    Rick Hay14 ساعات قبل

    Your whole crew are some working rascals !! Great bunch you have, and they are mighty fortunate to have you at the helm sir !

  • Michael Guinn
    Michael Guinn

    Wow, pretty impressive.....just curious, how much $$$ would a recovery like this cost?? Be safe, God Bless!!!

  • Bruce Sahroian
    Bruce Sahroian

    I been lurking for a while and one thing I can say is you guys always "BRING THE POWER!!!" to these sorts of events!! AMAZING!

  • My 11 Bad Kids
    My 11 Bad Kids

    3 hours 16 minutes.

  • yep me
    yep me

    Brings back memories of my mother, she was a yarder operator in the woods, she been interviewed by logger world magazine and news people as far away as Japan interviewed her. She would splice those broken cable liness with long spikes, by weaving it between the individual lines. She was a logger from Oregon.

  • Jimmy Waters
    Jimmy Waters

    Something just occurred to me : how come you guys don’t have a large ( D8 or bigger) dozer with what some folks refer to as “swamp tracks” . Caterpillar refers to them as “ low ground pressure “ tracks . Something like that would quickly reduce your time on the jobsite in a lot of these next to impossible situations . A friendly suggestion, that’s all .

  • covercalls88
    covercalls889 ساعات قبل

    What i really like about these shows it reminds guys like us who does the tough work, what can go wrong will go wrong, what can break will break, and life can be a bitch. But in the end American ingenuity will see us through.

  • Midnight Cruisaders
    Midnight Cruisaders

    Great work, it's always interesting watching these recoveries. I reckon it took 3 hours 45 minutes

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    I'd love to be there looking through that old boneyards, one of my favorite things to do. Sadly most of the yards near me won't just let you wander around anymore for "insurance reasons".


    Man, I love y’all’s videos. The production of the AReye channel is even better then y’all’s TV show. I am honestly interested to see how the tv show is gonna do with this AReye providing a much better in-depth view of the company, projects, the team, and the vehicles then the tv show has ever done.