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  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwichأيام قبل

    "good lord have mercy!"

  • JD's Variety Channel - Treasure Quest Chronicles
    JD's Variety Channel - Treasure Quest Chroniclesأيام قبل

    This cracks me up because my mom used to do the kitchen closed thing. xD

  • ✨Kenma Kozume✨
    ✨Kenma Kozume✨14 أيام قبل

    The “quick kitchen closed!” Hits home tbh ✌️😭 like when mammas cleaning the kitchen don’t go askin for stuff 😭😭😭

  • Magical
    Magicalأيام قبل

    Sammy was so scared 😂

  • risk
    riskأيام قبل

    Just would like to say thank you for the great content ❤️

  • Zappa
    Zappa14 أيام قبل

    Sadly people like this actually exist, especially one of my grandmothers, who she is stressed all the time, even thanking her while she’s doing something can make her mad, she’s one of the few people I actually fear because she always talks trash about me in Spanish, gets mad at me for doing nothing, and even she can sometimes hit me for making the littlest mistake

  • erin craig
    erin craigأيام قبل

    My mom did this and its part of the reason i binge eat and feel like i need to keep food with me always. In my room in closets in my purse.

  • Selena Moreno
    Selena Moreno14 أيام قبل

    So like when the "kitchen is closed" everyone better be fed and body should be asking for snacks. I personally don't like this being a thing for the fact that people can't restrict basic human needs.

  • Not Ervan
    Not Ervan14 أيام قبل

    "I just wanted to grab the trash, take the garbage out"

  • mp 333
    mp 333أيام قبل

    let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us

  • обойдусь без загонов
    обойдусь без загоновأيام قبل

    I totally relate this mom, my sister and I do this every night after cleaning the whole kitchen behind all family members. I mean.. if you can't clean up behind yourself just don't use the kitchen at night. It's not a big deal not to eat at sleep hours, right?

  • Melissa Armstrong
    Melissa Armstrong23 ساعات قبل

    When we do this it's because we just can't deal with anyone around us at that time and want to clean or cook in peace. I thought I was the only one.😂

  • Timothy Kassisieh
    Timothy Kassisieh23 ساعات قبل

    I love how Sammy looks at his mama with his suspicious, innocent, yet comforting goofy face when he gets caught trying to eat.. awww, that face🤣😀🙂😊

  • Grace Mutagubya
    Grace Mutagubyaأيام قبل

    They are so good....may God continue to bless them!!

  • Yokiii Styles
    Yokiii Stylesأيام قبل

    "It's not a mistake",✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE. ✨

  • Victoria L
    Victoria Lأيام قبل

    She dont want anyone making a mess after she cleaned lmfao I can relate.

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay13 ساعات قبل

    "It's not a mistake",✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE. ✨

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr20 ساعات قبل

    They are so good....may God continue to bless them!!

  • Protea Oaxaca
    Protea Oaxacaأيام قبل

    Gorgeous Palestinian family, love the content & you’re commitment to each other as a family, many blessings to you, Mashallah Furrha family

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo6 ساعات قبل

    They are so good....may God continue to bless them!!