We're At A Crossroads With Ed's LJ20 That Was Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

There's already been a lot done to The Golden Nugget and in today's episode we install the steering box and as we move forward with Ed's Golden Nugget build, there's a lot of questions that are starting to arise, that hopefully you all help us out on. Check it out!
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NOW WHAT? We Got Ed's LJ20 That Was Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

What's Left of Ed's LJ20 That Was Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains?

Axle Swap for Ed's LJ20 That Was Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

We Got The Donor Motor In Ed's LJ20 That Was Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

We Got The PARTS BODY For Ed's LJ20 That Was Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

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  • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
    Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics

    100% Body swap! Can't believe that you found a mint replacement, and it's even the same color!! If you really want a piece of nostalgia, just reinstall Ed's custom wood door on the new body haha :)

  • Dave Park
    Dave Park

    If it ain't broke, don't break it to fix what's broken. Body swap that bad boy and put the time you would have spent in fixing the old body into making the whole rig even more awesome.

  • Happy Camper
    Happy Camper

    Still amazed you were able to receive such a nice donor. Being a sentimental one I was all for using the old body, but getting this done in a timely manner for Ed's enjoyment seems to be the right direction to head towards. So yes for body swap. Maybe turn the old body into some sort of trailer to tow around, perhaps even a mobile bbq....lol Love your channel!!

  • Barbara Sanders
    Barbara Sanders

    100% BODY SWAP!! Even Matt said, "Ed would just say body swap it."


    Body swap makes the most sense in my eyes, and then add some of the easily recognizable things to the interior, from ED’s old Golden Nugget

  • ZJH8300

    Body swap, I know there’s not a whole lot of protection in that small thing but I definitely feel that the newer body will be a lot sturdier and safer

  • SlowRide FPV
    SlowRide FPV

    Body swap for sure, make a wall hanger out of the right side from the original.

  • Norm Parrott
    Norm Parrott

    Body swap for sure. More solid build in the long run, especially if Ed doesn't care which way you do it!

  • eskaloon

    Yeah, Paul, no contest, swap the body. I've always heard there's two ways of doing things, the right way and the easy way and this time the easy way is the right way so do it right and do it easy. I'm 75 and my wife keeps telling me to just do things the easy way. Keep on trucking! I really enjoy watching you and thanks for letting all us subscribers put in our two cents worth.

  • B_

    Option #1. The OEM structural integrity of the parts body is far superior to patching ed's old body that's rotted out and beaten to hell. Easy decision.

  • Tom greaves
    Tom greaves

    Use the “good” body and put as much of Ed’s good components in as you can so he has a nice vehicle and some original

  • Kevin Vial
    Kevin Vial

    100% body swap it. Save time, it’ll be solid and make some art out of Ed’s old one.

  • Dark

    Ed is going to love it and will enjoy it sooner, in my opinion. It pains me to say this, but Ed doesn't have much time left on this planet, and the sooner he gets his nugget back, the happier he will be.

  • D MacD
    D MacD

    Body swap for sure! The sooner its finished the sooner Ed can enjoy your efforts. Love the whole project!!!

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    100% body swap! Ed’s going to appreciate all your hard work!

  • ChadK

    Body swap it for sure! It’ll be much more structurally sound and safer that way. Ed can keep the original body for the few good parts or as a yard ornament/conversation piece!

  • Jurjen de Jong
    Jurjen de Jong

    I'm also following the Golden Nugget from the Netherlands. I would body swap it. Keeps all welding in the body factory original. As you stated VIN number is in the frame, so swapping it is way to go!

  • Red On Sundays
    Red On Sundays

    Selfishly, I want the body swap because I want to see Ed's reaction to it sooner. You could also do some sort of cool display piece with the old body or the wooden door.


    Body swap would be the way to go. The fact that you found a perfect body the same color is definitely a sign. Also there is no telling how much longer Ed has to enjoy the vehicle and if he gets a couple months more with it to drive it around them that would be the answer you would need right there. Either way it is so admirable what yall are doing. We would get more videos out of the piecing of the two vehicles but I'm ok with seeing Ed get it a lot quicker. Great videos as always.

  • bkjunkie 1
    bkjunkie 1

    Body swap for sure! Ty for allowing audience to participate in decision. 🙂 All of you are awesome to do this for Ed. ♥️