Tailgate Brackets for CAT 785 Mining Dump Truck | Machining, Milling & Drilling

In this video from our workshop we are making 5 sets of tailgate brackets for Caterpillar 785 Mining dump trucks. The brackets will be mounted underneath the body of the dump truck and will help to open the tailgate. We are using high tensile steel plate and need to do plenty of machining, gas cutting, milling and drilling to complete the brackets for our customer. We start with boring the plates in our LZMT lathe before using our UniMig straight line gas cutter and to cut the plates in half. We then use our milling machine and 45 degree face cutter to mill the surface of the top plates. After the facing is complete we use an annular cutter to drill the bolt holes into the top plate. We then complete the brackets by use our radial arm drill for drilling the bolt holes into the base plates.
In this video we are using:
- LZMT CW6280D Lathe
- UniMig CG30 Straight Line gas cutting machine
- BM-63VE Milling machine
- Hafco ZX3050X16 Radial Arm Drill
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  • Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
    Cutting Edge Engineering Australia

    Hey viewers thanks for watching todays video from our machining shop! There was a lot of different processes and tools in this video, let us know which you liked the best? 😎👍

  • Wulferious

    I love the fact that you still show WHERE the parts are being used on the equipment. It satisfies an itch.

  • Scott Lange
    Scott Lange

    I love your out takes! I don’t think most people realize how much some of this type of machining can really pucker you up but you make it look easy!

  • Big House
    Big House

    I love that you always give the little details on everything you’re doing. Whether it is the type of insert you’re using or RPM of the lathe or the type of welding wire, feed rate, and welding gas you’re using. Thank you for including all those details! Love your content

  • Jesper Rasmussen
    Jesper Rasmussen

    It never ceases to amaze me how clean of a cut you can get with a torch.

  • Buford T Justice
    Buford T Justice

    The editing on your videos is always spot on. It always cuts or or gets sped up at just the right time when stuff starts to get repetitive. Well done.

  • Ferrum Ignis
    Ferrum Ignis

    I'll never cease to be amazed at how clean an oxy-acetylene cut can be. Was anyone else thinking "Make the noise" when he was using the level? 😄

  • Eisen

    Those have to be some of the cleanest torch cuts I've ever seen on material that thick. And thank you for the content Curtis even though it's hard to express yourself at times.

  • Topper Machine LLC.
    Topper Machine LLC.

    Nice work! I had a similar production job years ago that was much smaller. Only way to do it better would possibly be with a horizontal mill. Keep up the great videos!

  • Mike Home
    Mike Home

    The coolant ring thing was great. I think everyone should have a radial arm drill in the garage just in case! Seriously nicely done you make light work of whatever comes your way.

  • Thomas Philyaw
    Thomas Philyaw

    That piece spinning in the lathe WAS terrifying. It sounded really smooth spinning which surprised me. I thought you would hear the out of balance. Thanks for another great video

  • Edwin Rideout
    Edwin Rideout

    Until I started watching your channel, I didn't realize the sheer amount of work that goes into most of the work you do. I now have a new appreciation for your industry. Thanks ps keep the outtakes coming too😁

  • Lyle Knox
    Lyle Knox

    I'd love to see some "stats" posted on some of your jobs. This would have been a good one, since you had so many changes to do. I'd love to know what the average set up time for each piece was, as well as the "working" time. When you do welding jobs, I'd find it interesting to know how many meters of wire you used for each weld as well as the entire job. I'd also love to know how may KILOMETERS of wire you use each year! :-)

  • Joe Gee
    Joe Gee

    Awesome, another great production. Good job both on the machining as well as the video production.

  • hool-e-gan[FUZ]

    40 Minutes overdose of CEE, love you guys! I’ll appreciate it so much that Kurtis is showing all this. I’m driving such machines all day, and to look up how big repairs are done is just great. I would even love it more, if there was more excavator stuff, like Bucket repairs and all kinds of excavator repairs 🥳

  • Felix E.
    Felix E.

    The flame cutted surfaces are absolutly amazing! 😃 Every time I watch your videos I asked myself why do you use so often air powered tools instead of electric powered tools?

  • Louis Tyrrell
    Louis Tyrrell

    Hi Curtis. Your videos are very inspiring. I now feel more motivated to expand my machining abilities on the lathe, mill, welder, ect. Keep the videos coming mate, love it. Cheers.

  • Nicola Prisco
    Nicola Prisco

    Hi mate, very interesting project with a great variety of setups and equipments. Everything was executed to perfection as usual. Beautiful silhouette of the security chief. Zoe is growing very well, Staffies are the best breed. Greetings to all

  • Janne Heino
    Janne Heino

    It is such a privilege to Be able to watch professionals on their craft working, and sharing their expertise. Thank you

  • maggs131

    I love this kind of work for a lot of reasons but chief among them is when you are done sweeping up all the chips and gravel from torch cutting and welding you know you made something awesome 😎👍