I Surprised Charli D'Amelio With 20 Custom iPhones (TikTok)

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    In case you’re wondering I want to do lots of nice things for people in need and my subscribers on my channel! They don’t need phones but I like to do nice things for everyone! Don’t worry i’ll give lots more away to you guys and others in the future! Luv u guys ❤️ If this video hits 1 million likes I will literally give away 50 custom iPhone 11s to you guys! Don't forget to enter the huge custom iPhone 11 giveaway! Please subscribe cuz I don't even have an iPhone 11 so you can have more❤️ So thankful for all of you!

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    Bun bun: owwie T rkey: I M B O R E D

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    The plastic opening is satisfying

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    wow what pencils do you use?

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    Now THAT THERES NEW IPHONE13 , “i surprised Charlie D with New 20 iphone13!”

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    ZHC cruz

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    But.. Man The Apple Icon ? 😂 We live for it " Apple lovers " 😅

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    RIP it bank account in these videos ;)

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    When normal people walk into a bank: withdraws £50 WHEN ZHC walks into the bank: withdraws $10000+ XD [ yes im in England ]

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    ZHC is walking in apple store Apple employee: Oh man Holly sh*t how many want this time😐

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    What colours you use please tell me I also wanna customize some iphones like you

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