गर्भवती नागिन ने आधी रात मचाया कोहराम,बेहद खतरनाक दृश्य। Angry Pregnant Cobra rescued at midnight

Highly Venomous Monocled Cobra carrying eggs enter house at midnight night,after much effort family was unable to drive her,later called us for rescue: Bhadrak, Odisha
The monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia) is a highly venomous snake species native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. These dangerous and potentially deadly snakes can be found in China, India, Vietnam, Nepal, and Cambodia, but also Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.The species is also commonly referred to as the Monocellate cobra or Thai cobra and belongs to the family Elapidae.
The monocled cobra gets it common name from the O-shaped, or monocellate hood pattern present on the rear of its hood. It's distinct to that of the Indian cobra or spectacled cobra which has a "spectacle" pattern, formed by the two circular ocelli connected by a curved line.
Monocled cobras are medium-sized and heavy-bodied snakes with elongated cervical ribs that expand to form the typical hood when they feel threatened.​ Usually, these cobras prefer to flee, but if threatened they will raise their body, spread their hood and hiss loudly, and will eventually strike and bite to defend themselves.
Their highly toxic venom is considered one of the fastest acting snake venoms in the world and can cause death in just an hour after envenomation. Contrary to the Indian Cobra (N. naja) monocled cobras can deliver a bite in the very first attack making it even more dangerous.
Their bite causes localized swelling at the bite area but also the progressive paralysis of the nervous system which may lead respiratory paralysis and death due to asphyxia. The monocled cobra bite may also lead to tissue necrosis requiring surgical intervention.
They have a pair of fixed anterior fangs, that may reach more than 6mm, and are somewhat adapted for spitting.

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    OMG that's My home, Thank You Mr.Mirza for Helping my family, I m watching this video from Dubai and was shocked to see this incident 🤝🤝 Thanks a lot 👍

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    Well, there is the man to call when you need him. He always mentions humanity. His heart is a big heart and he cares for his countries people. He is a very very special man who has a skill he uses each day for the safety of his people and the animals of India.

  • nila chatterjee
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    Angry mother ! Thanks for saving her and the coming little ones...

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    Thank you Mirza for your importend Work for the poor People.All the Best for you and your Family and all the People Help you.Greetings from Germany. EID Mubarak. 🕋🕌

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    What a scary and beautiful monocled ! Very angry ones ! Thanks for this late evening rescue ! What a face to face ! 🙏🙏🙏

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    You are a good human being and doing an excellent job of saving these animals and protecting thus the lives of several human beings. Keep on doing this good job for which you deserve all appreciation. God bless you.

  • Richard Powell
    Richard Powellأيام قبل

    Thank you for english captions. You are a friend to everyone. Including the snakes if will never see a cobra if I do an see flat tail I will know it has eggs thank you again for knowledge

  • Waldemar Korkuś
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    It was an important and valuable night action.👍 If you weren't there my friend, these people were desperate to kill that pregnant cobra. Everything ended well.👍 Only when are you going to sleep? 🙁 Thanks, Mirza.🙏🤝🙂💓

  • Ameet Vernekar
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    Thanks for rescuing a beautiful snake. You took some extra risk to show us the snake. Please set up a website where people can support your work .

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    Sir, very nice and gentle handling of the snake. 🙏

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    I would have been scared to death. Thank you for helping your village families. I see your channel has become very successful and I hope that that brings you wealth. God bless

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    God bless you sir 🙏