Rebuilding A Wrecked 2016 Ram 3500 From Copart Salvage Auction, Plans Change Diffrent Direction

In this video we finally find the right truck to use the yellow ram as parts to fix this one, our plan was to find a truck and use the cab to build another yellow ram, but after trying so much we just couldn't get the right truck, and then came this truck that was the perfect truck to build.
Thank you everyone for watching and stay tuned for more videos.

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  • Patrick Hardison
    Patrick Hardison

    I think you are making the more practical decision in rebuilding this solid platform ram for rebuilding. I think it's the best move considering how destroyed the Yellow Ram is. I am looking forward to the rebuild on this truck. Keep up the good work guys. 🙂

  • Steve Edwards
    Steve Edwards

    IMO the yellow truck would have been COOL. BUT, it doesn’t make sense money wise. The gray truck is the way to go by far. P.S. all of you have been missed! Peace

  • Dave Boyer
    Dave Boyer

    Awesome! The yellow truck is a little far gone, it makes a perfect parts truck for this one. Work is work, I know a lot of people were wondering what’s going on, but You’ve got to keep the money coming in, or you can’t do much.

  • tim nolan
    tim nolan

    Good idea to go with the gray ram rather then trying to fix the rolled over yellow ram !! The yellow ram is a mess !!

  • John Wright
    John Wright

    Glad the videos are coming back. Love the truck builds!

  • Tree Trimmer82
    Tree Trimmer82

    Love the new build can't wait till Y'all get started keep up the great work love the videos on both channels 👏

  • Officer lonthair
    Officer lonthair

    Personally I don’t like your decision but I respect it but I think everybody would have loved to see Ryan’s truck rebuilt especially Ryan himself but it’s good to see the banana not suffering anymore but it’s a good idea to use it as a parts truck but u could also take the longhorn badge of the door and put it on the 3500 so people don’t get confused by the interior and ask u “why do u have a longhorn interior when it says 3500 by the badging on the door” can’t wait to see what the 3500 hundred makes and can’t wait to see Ryan’s parts on it it’s gonna look amazing

  • PokeDave

    Glad y'all are back to vlogging! Cant wait to see what you do, with this truck rebuild!

  • brian graham
    brian graham

    I miss you guys, keep them coming fellas.

  • HANGAR 68
    HANGAR 68

    WOW I am so happy That you and your family back with new builds 🙏

  • Phil Tucker
    Phil Tucker

    Great truck! (the grey one is the much nicer one out of the two and will be awesome!) Also It’s great to see you, your Dad and brother working together and all back after some tough times. Peace and love from the U.K. boys! 🇬🇧

  • Lucille Claw
    Lucille Claw

    Saving time and money on your end. It'll be great I'm excited for your new builds. Be blessed.

  • Joan Williams
    Joan Williams

    Glad to see you guys back !! This should be a good build along with what you already have keep em coming guys …

  • Mempho Maniac
    Mempho Maniac

    I like this build much better. Can't wait to see the progress in action as it happens.

  • REPZ06

    Looking forward to seeing this rebuild 🇺🇸 hope you continue to make videos each week.

  • Darin Divinia
    Darin Divinia

    I am always impressed with the guys loading the vehicles at coparts. Figure they are that nice to the vehicles when they aren’t on video?

  • Andrew John Smith
    Andrew John Smith

    Love the grey 3500 looking forward to the build great buy guys

  • Griffith

    Glad to see you back missing some builds from your platform 😀

  • Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson

    Hey love the truck builds and remember more people watch AReye then you think. Your going to be doing a engine weight reduction for better aerodynamics 😉

  • Tom Swindler
    Tom Swindler

    Glad y’all are finally getting caught up with all projects,the yellow dodge truck wasn’t that another utubers truck.just keep your video coming and that way your subscribers can get our fix 👍👍👍😎😎😎